CA Fire Tracker

White House defends revocation of Acosta's access
Trump claim: WH can limit journalist access

Lewinsky releases details on Clinton affair

Why Amazons second HQ search backfired
Amazon picks NYC and Northern VA for added HQ
Hundreds of missing people in wake of Paridise Fire
Videos: Before and After

Adobe bug deletes mans files - $250,000 worth

NJ to toss out 20,000 DWI convictions

El Chapo trial underway
Trial on day 2

Russia intends to compete with Musks reusable booster for nukes

Avenatti arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Over a dozen escape fire plunging into Concow Reservoir
Sierra Fire grows to 147 acres
Many celebs lost homes to blaze
List of schools closed due to fire
Cali fires death toll to 50 - Expected to rise
Trump slams Macron over use of 'Nationalism'
Melania Trump calls for ouster of a top national security aide
Trump considers firing top aide who Feuded with Melania
Mira Ricardel under scrutiny for Melania Feud

Judge finds Georgia County violated civil rights by rejecting ballots
Georgia ordered to review thousands of ballots

Brexit live updates

Pelosi confident about attaining Speaker seat

Mueller to issue new indictments in Russia Probe Trump legal team meet

Family of four arrested in slayings of 8 people in Ohio

Students warned school of alleged shooters threats
Cruz attacks deputy in jail


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